Copyright 2017

Meteorologists have an expression for the visibility of storms that have peaked and are dissipating: losing their identity. This photographic commission captures a singular event: the construction of a new art school. The images capture an event that is losing its identity: a building site is a micro community, which, like a like a weather front, has a finite life span.

The everyday occurrence of construction - new build, brown-site regeneration or omnipresent roadworks - are events we encounter each day. The everydayness of an event creates its own anonymity. Henri Lefebvre hints at this modern-day phenomenon when he comments, ‘If we want to search the everyday for the non-signifiers which may be active within it we must catch them in the rough, in their unconscious or misunderstood situation, and not like water-creatures wrenched from the deep and left to die in the light of day.’

Kilumets captures a collection of builders; who, in their roughness and disquietedness of being placed in front of a camera, become visible to us.

Text by Colin Davies Builders0063_V1.jpg Builders0069_v1.jpg Builders0046_V1.jpg Builders02410_V1.jpg Builders0073_V1.jpg Builders0090_V1.jpg Builders02409_V1.jpg Builders0066_V1.jpg